Sitemap - 2020 - Work in Progress

Looking back on your year and making plans for 2021

You can always come up with a reason

Need a day off from the Rick rules?

When working “anytime” turns into working “all the time”

When work means back-to-back meetings, emails, chats, and calls

Anger’s a monster inside you. This is how to slay it

Let’s squeeze in a quick meeting

The art of doing the work (even when you don’t feel like it)

Get more freedom and flexibility today, by creating options

Not in your job description? These things are still part of the job

Thinking in gray scale

My three key insights about work (plus blurbs from Julie Zhuo and Dan Pink!)

How to cut time off any project

Four ideas for an inspired fourth quarter

Freedom at work and how to get it

Four ways to bring your future into sharper focus

Turning summer dreams into September plans

Go ahead, think big. What is it you really want?

Diving into a new project – four fresh insights

How to weather the unexpected (with your plans intact)

Sticking to your plan, despite countless requests and interruptions

Coming up with your next successful strategy – before you need it

Help a little, chill a little. How best to deal with your chaos-loving colleagues

Making your goals happen

More creative, more flexible, more productive. Here’s inspiration for your next experiment

Self-reflection. It’s the path to smarter choices

Getting things done in tough times

In search of sustained motivation

Gaining confidence in getting things done

This helps you decide what work matters most

The opposite of “Take it easy”

Readers with ADHD share tips we can all use

How your strategy – not productivity – sets you apart

Keeping yourself on track while facing a crisis

Making your mailbox work for you

An email about email

Clarity and how to achieve it

Five things to try if you’re working under new and challenging conditions

Can I give you some advice?

Making better plans

Up for a new challenge? Or just too busy. Here are some suggestions

Need more focus? Here’s how to get it. Today

Communicating about your work is part of the job

“What advice seems obviously right, is relatively easy to follow, and is usually ignored?”

Getting your to-do list back on track

Make a date with your calendar

Making stone soup at work

Conserve willpower: make non-negotiable deals with yourself

Getting back to work – a brief guide