Sometimes you have to cut out some good stuff to make room for the next big thing
Once people can count on you, you’ll likely be entrusted with all kinds of tasks. How can you have more of a say in what you do (and what you don’t)
It’s almost always a little scary and puts more work on your plate. But feedback gets easier if you ask for it early and often. Here’s how
Want to make your goals and dreams happen? Get them into your daily life, embedded in day-to-day activities
If you never change your mind, there’s a chance you’re brilliant and always right. But there’s a more likely scenario
Plus other things you can do this week that will help you out all year
When you fail to say no, you’re letting other people decide how you spend your time. Saying no gets easier—everything does—when you take your own plans…
Today I’m sharing the top 5 posts from 2022, to help get your 2023 off to a good start
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