Would you rather live forever? Or lead a meaningful life in the time you have? Turns out we overwhelmingly choose the latter. But what is a meaningful…
We make countless decisions every day. But every now and then, a choice comes up that’s next level. That's where a decision log comes in 
Skip the shortcuts when making a big decision. Add new options instead  
How to stop second-guessing yourself (and fast-forward to taking that next step).
Stop looking for a magic productivity pill and do this instead 
It’s easy to get bogged down in bureaucracy at the office. Here’s how to navigate it and see your good ideas through.
I’ve got a challenge for you this week: choose to do less. Join me as I cut out a big distractor for a week and postpone a big project
I’ve got three super-practical tips for you this week + inspiration for doing your own quarterly
Today’s issue is adapted from a piece I wrote for Fast Company.
Pandemic upheaval makes us reluctant to go look for more change. But changes you choose can give you energy to deal with everything beyond your control
What if you could double the impact of your work? And I don’t mean some lifehack for doing more in less time. I mean stop making stuff that suits only…
We’re all busy. But no need to let unexpected requests from others derail your own priorities