Sitemap - 2022 - Work in Progress

Table topics for the holidays

Looking back on your year and making plans for 2023

Winding down 2022 with your own YearPlanDay

Tackling the tough stuff comes down to priorities and timing

The unexpected perks of making plans

Looking beyond the now

Working with a net: the Friday recap

The beauty of honing your craft

Rebooting your weekly review (or doing one for the first time)

Focus, mate!

Killing the standup

Five building blocks for an open mind

What really matters

Time for a holiday wish list

Want to help build better ways to work? Hereโ€™s what you can do today

Turning summer dreams into September plans

Go ahead, think big. What is it you really want?

How our brains mislead us

Tackling problems of mythic proportion

Creating your own personal user guide

Effective altruism on the job

Keeping your cool as temperatures soar

Get to know your people before a crisis hits, and other lessons from General Marshall

Nuanced thinking is always better. Well, almost always

On simplicity

Leading a meaningful life. Today

Next-level decisions and keeping a log

Making the choices your future self will love

What are you waiting for?

Forget being efficient. Hereโ€™s how to be more effective

How good ideas and bureaucracy can go together

Experiment with doing less

The yesterday box, recurring meetings, and fresh personas

Making the most of your day (with tools youโ€™re already using)

Choosing change: from tweaks to seismic shifts

The invisible half

Handling the unexpected like a pro

Wanted: sustained motivation

Beyond the Eisenhower matrix

Stuck debating how to fix something? Iโ€™ve got two suggestions

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Thinking big this year: my 4 pointers

Three thoughts for 2022

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Sleep, sunlight, and your brain