Sitemap - 2021 - Work in Progress

Looking back on your year and making plans for 2022

The power of looking beyond today

Top tips from readers for beating stress

Hectic weeks demand a super-simple plan

Big news: GRIP preorders are open!

Looking beyond the day-to-day

For or against? Break open debates by looking at a range of options instead

Cold emails, scouting new ways to work, and tighter Covid rules

Check your ego at the door

Here’s my checklist for when stress hits

Flash decisions and fresh insight

Eight mantras for work and life

Moving the Overton window

How treating the symptoms can sometimes be the best cure

Finishing what you start

When you don’t know where to start

Your workday routine

So long, calendar

It’s never too late for a fresh start

Here’s what you can do when your schedule looks like Swiss cheese

What to do when the unexpected hits

On integrity, big plans, and reluctance

Say your piece (and 2 other ways to help your coworkers)

Making your goals happen

Self-help isn’t selfish. It’s a gift for generations to come

Nothing keeps going on its own

Time to decide: How do we want to work post-pandemic?

Pulling out all the stops. At least sometimes

Three steps for more focus and direction this week

Afraid to fail? This checklist helps me

Three ways to get better feedback

Finding time in full calendars and other challenges

What story will you tell yourself this week?

Insight from the outside (a.k.a. feedback)

How to get your manager to work for you

Making meetings better – while you’re in them

Ditch the guilty conscience and feel free to daydream

Nothing going your way? + being proactive + adding an element of play

A remedy to help notorious procrastinators

Inseparable: your calendar and your to-do list

Things you can do today that will help you out tomorrow


Tips for apps that help you read, take notes, and give talks

Rethinking your evenings

That flash of inspiration vs. your steady calendar

Overcoming everyday obstacles

The old I-want-to-do-it-but-I-won’t dilemma (and a way out)

Wanted: sustained motivation

Here’s how to say no. And start out the year on your own terms