What story will you tell yourself this week?


Hope you had a good weekend. The fine weather here this past week did wonders – the world looks so different with a little sunshine. But sun isn’t the only factor: fortunately you have a hand in how you see things.

I was recently listening to this podcast with Esther Perel. She’s a relationship therapist and talked about the coaching sessions she leads. In those sessions, her aim is to get people to change the stories they tell about themselves and each other. Your story is ever-present and has a huge impact on how you act. If you grew up in an unstable situation, for instance, chances are you’ll keep looking for validation in your relationships.

The good news is that everything’s in motion—life is change. And you can change this story. 

At work, too, we tell ourselves a story: about who we are, how we act, what we do well and what we’re no good at. And about what’s desirable and what’s not.

Even though we’ve just stepped into a fresh new week, we’re bringing with us that fixed outlook. And that has consequences. Perhaps you’ve already decided that your input won’t be heard, or that some things just are the way they are. Or that a certain coworker will always disturb your work. Those stories have an effect on how we act, the choices we make, the things we do—and the things we miss out on.

Reflect this week on that outlook of yours, and adjust it, where needed, to be more positive. Here are some thoughts that always help me: 

  • You can always be the one who takes that first little step 

  • You can always start an experiment with how you work

  • Everybody’s winging it

  • Doing things is more valuable than thinking about them. Take action

  • You can always start over

  • You’re responsible for how you feel 

  • Most people are more concerned with themselves than with you. See that as freeing – choose you

  • You’re capable of more than you think

We ourselves are often the biggest thing standing in the way of new prospects, challenges, and opportunities.

My challenge to you: start out this week by refining your outlook. It can make all the difference. 

Have a good week,