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Congrats i really can see how you manage to get closer to your BIG Goals als described in chapter 3 of your ever so inspiring book ‘GRIP’. That is in my case, the Dutch version. That country, where the pace is allways at Rat race. People like me read your book and subscribe because we have no natural talent to plan or for action lists . Please consider a Dutch homebased version of your updates, or tell me, (almost boomer) how to integrate Google Translate to these updates in Substack. Or Build one ;-) I see that your posts could help me but i have no time to study. It would be a shame if only the next generation that are super quick in adapting all sorts of new app’s and speak fluently English, can continue to learn from your inspiring examples. Our changes come in small steps, Tiny Habits you know. Good Luck, a fan from Holland

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